The Townsend Thai Project

Province Overviews

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Fishermen off Koh-Chang, Thailand's second largest island. Photo by Chjab.

In order to put the Townsend Thai Data into context, it is important to understand the demographic features, climate, and economic characteristics of each province (changwat) surveyed. The Baseline Survey collected data from four provinces: Lop Buri and Chachoengsao in the Central region, and Sisaket and Buriram in the Northeast. Satun and Yala, were added to the survey in 2003, and Phrae and Petchabun were added shortly after in 2004.

For each of these eight provinces, relevant province-level data is provided below.


Buriram is a northeastern province of Thailand located at the southern end of the Khorat Plateau. The province has several local products, including silk, cotton, baskets, pork, and shrimp. For a detailed information sheet on Buriram, please click here.


Chachoengsao is an eastern province with a small coastline on the Gulf of Thailand. The western half lies in the Bang Pa Kong River Valley and is a major rice production center, while the east is hilly. For a detailed information sheet on Chachoengsao, please click here.

Lop Buri

Lop Buri is a central province of Thailand located just 140 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. It is located on the east side of the Chao Phraya River Valley, between the Lop Buri and Pa Sak rivers. For a detailed information sheet on Lop Buri, please click here.


Phetchabun is a northern province in the fertile Pa Sak River Valley. Given its location, Phetchabun has always been an agriculturally productive area. For a detailed information sheet on Phetchabun, please click here.


Phrae is one of Thailand's northern provinces. This province contains one of the largest reserves of teak forests in Thailand. For a detailed information sheet on Phrae, please click here.


Satun is a southern province of Thailand. It is a small coastal province, possessing renowned, picturesque islands that tourists frequent. For a detailed information sheet on Satun, please click here.


Sisaket is a northeastern province, bordered to the south by Cambodia. It is famed for silk and cotton cloth production, as well as its tropical fruits. For a detailed information sheet on Sisaket, please click here.


Yala is the southernmost province of Thailand. While originally dominated by the mining industry, the province now relies on fruit crops. For a detailed information sheet on Yala, please click here.