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A woman uses a loom to weave silk, a popular product of northeastern Thailand.


The Townsend Thai project facilitates the integration of theory with measurement. As such, this site contains a variety of information about databases for Thailand and a number of models that can be used to understand the Thai economy. A key component of this website is a link to the publicly accessible archive for the Townsend Thai data, a panel database derived from micro surveys designed from a theoretical perspective. The Townsend Thai data is one of the longest running surveys of its kind in a developing country, incorporating monthly and annual household surveys with environmental, institutional, and key informant surveys.

The Townsend Thai data can be accessed at

Data Visualization

A secondary component of this website is a link to a Data Visualization Tool that uses a web-based interface and geographic information system to map, graph, and analyze socioeconomic data from Thailand. This resource allows for geographic and spatial analysis for large geographical areas, making it easier to search for patterns.

The Data Visualization Tool can be accessed at