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Village Rice Bank in rural Thailand. Photo by Natalie Hoover.

These databases can be used as an integrated research and advisory tool for academics and policy makers. The data include microeconomic data on households and firms, as well as macroeconomic data from the Bank of Thailand and the National Economic and Social Development Bureau (NESDB). Intermediate between these two are village-level data from the Community Development Department (CDD) and provincial level domestic product data from the NESDB. To access the related databases mentioned here, please contact the appropriate organization directly for information.

National Statistics Office (NS0)

The NSO is the statistical information center for the whole country, while provincial offices also exist and act as information centers in the provinces. Data available in the centers consist not only of data produced by the NSO but also that produced by other government agencies. The NSO statistical database includes data on Thai economics, population, the environment and energy, industry and construction, information and communications, as well as agriculture and fishery. Data sharing on the part of NSO is much appreciated and valuable to research efforts.

Department of Industrial Works

The survey covers 162 manufacturing companies from three sectors (textile, food, and wood products). The survey is composed of eight sections (general characteristics, business foundation and background of the owner, techniques and capacities of production, marketing, employment, machinery, materials, and the composition of capital, finance and investment, limitations to expansion and government policies) and includes both quantitative and multiple-choice questions. Though the dataset is essentially a cross section of the moment of the survey (1990), some retrospective questions are included.

Bank of Thailand (BOT)

Variables downloaded from the BOT website include unemployment, inflation, money supply, credit aggregates, and interest rates.

Community Development Department (CDD)

Thailand's Community Development Department (CDD) dataset is collected by the Rural Development Committee (RDC) at the village level. The data collected can be broadly broken up into one of these four groups:

  1. General Conditions
  2. General Economic Conditions
  3. Education and Health
  4. Labor and Miscellaneous

Gross Provincial Product (GPP)

The data are Thailand provincial level data from the National Statistical Yearbook.

Thai Ministry of Commerce

The website provides data in three broad areas, in Thai only:

  1. International Trade: Values of monthly export/import and trade surplus/deficits. Thailand's important export/import markets, values of export/import to each country, lists of and values of important export/import goods. Data is aggregate and presented on both monthly and yearly basis. Data is also presented in terms of good types.
  2. Markets Condition by country: For each country, the website has data on important monthly indexes of market conditions. There is also information on important trade laws and trade organizations.
  3. Provincial Trade: This includes market conditions and the trade index of each Thailand's provinces, on both a monthly and yearly basis.

Pacific-Basin Capital Markets Research Center (PACAP)

PACAP is a collection of financial statements from stock exchanges and central banks in Thailand. It covers all industrial and financial companies listed in the Thai Stock Exchange.

World Scope

This source includes balance sheets and income statements for companies all over the world, including Thailand.

World Bank Data

Industrial data collected by the World Bank to assess the impact of the financial crisis in five countries: Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.