The Townsend Thai Project

Townsend Thai Data

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Fishermen off Koh-Chang, Thailand's second largest island. Photo by Chjab.

The Townsend Thai data include both annual and monthly panels, in addition to the collection of environmental data. Originally the Townsend Thai survey focused on villages in four provinces, two in the Northeast and two in the Central region. The baseline survey was conducted in 1997 and is referred to as the Big Survey. It includes a household, institutional and key informant (village leader) module. In 1998, the research team launched a monthly household survey. To date, the Townsend Thai project continues to resurvey the annual and monthly panels. In 2006, the annual surveys extended to include urban areas in the same four provinces. In 2003, an annual survey of villages in the South was added and in 2004, two provinces in the north were included in the annual survey.

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