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Thai Enterprise Panel Survey (TEPS)

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Fishermen off Koh-Chang, Thailand's second largest island. Photo by Chjab.


A Thai Enterprise Panel Survey was first fielded in 2010 to capture changes in enterprise and their impact on economic growth. This survey seeks to better understand the life cycle of firms -- how businesses are born, grow, and ultimately succeed or fail. The survey covers approximately 2,000 households in urban areas across six diverse provinces in Thailand: Lop Buri, Chachoengsao, Buriram, Sisket, Phrae, and Satun.

The enterprise survey began as an initial census. Each structure and household was enumerated, and one individual per residential structure was interviewed concerning individuals who sleep or eat in that structure. This means that all individuals, households, residential structures, and firms can be identified in subsequent, quarterly responses.

The survey is a product of a partnership with the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and funding is provided through a grant to the Enterprise Initiative at the University of Chicago.


Enterprise Panel Survey Files (click to download .zip file)

Data Summaries

Data summaries are forthcoming.