The Townsend Thai Project

Food Cart Owner

In this Photo:

The DVD showcases a seller in a Chachoengsao province marketplace.

Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of Thai business, making up 99 percent of companies operating in the country. Many of these enterprises are small food stalls located on streets and in open markets across the country. The proprietor of a small dessert stand in this video uses a recipe passed down for generations. Her relatives, including her daughter, work in the stand with her. She credits the popularity of her stand to the fresh and new ingredients she uses. Her recipe calls for coconut, flour and sugar. She mixes the ingredients together, ferments them and puts them inside thatched palm leaves, as shown in the film. The last step is to grill the leaves.

"Customers who eat it for the first time will love it and come back again and again," she says. Her coconut dessert, called Kanom Jak, is the same one her parents used and the one used by other family members. "It's like a cycle," she says. "It keeps going and it won't disappear because it's the recipe and souvenir of this province." She said she once placed second in a dessert contest sponsored by a local newspaper.