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Young boy selling goods on the street near Mekong. Photo by Ron Ashore.


  • How a Health Care Plan Quickly Lowered Infant Mortality in Thailand (MIT News)

  • 2013

  • The Urban/Rural Divide is Less Divided Than You Think (FAI Blog Post)
  • Access to Healthcare in Thailand (Press Release)
  • Infrastructure Spending in Thailand (The Economist)
  • Insights from 15 years of Fieldwork in Thailand (Development Impact, World Bank)
  • Microfinance in Thailand: The biggest lender of them all (The Economist)
  • First Broadcasts of Emerging Thailand Aired in June

  • 2012

  • Townsend, Kaboski Awarded 2012 Frisch Medal
  • Townsend Interviewed by New York Times

  • 2011

  • Townsend Gives Chief Economist Talk at World Bank
  • Townsend Awarded 2011 Laffont Prize in Economics
  • The Rich Complexity of Village Life
  • How Do We Know if Financial Innovations in Developing Countries Help or Hurt in the Fight Against Poverty?
  • Townsend on Development, Poverty and Financial Institutions
  • Tracing families' escape from poverty
  • Escaping Poverty

  • 2010

  • Financial systems in developing countries: how poor people life themselves out of poverty
  • Households as corporate firms
  • At MFI Conference, New Approaches to Analyzing Economic Development
  • Conference Highlights New Data & Provides Insight into Developing Economy
  • Computational Infrastructure for Economic Research

  • 2009

  • Conference at World Bank will look at using survey data to study developing economies
  • Computational Infrastructure for Economic Research
  • Database on Developing Economies To Change Economics
  • UTCC Press Release (MS Word Document)

  • 2008

  • Enterprising Spirit: Townsend Examines Thai Entrepreneurship
  • Templeton Foundation Funds Major Study of Entrepreneurship in Developing World